Crypto Garden Charter

A garden is a special place where seeds take root in soil that is protected and cared for. Under the watch of experienced gardeners, a single seed can bring forth a multitude of fruit… feeding the community and producing new seeds to continue the cycle.

The Crypto Garden is a special place where humans from around the world can seek refuge from the weeds and pests of the crypto wilderness. It is a place where new growers can learn the crafts of investing, trading and participating in an emerging future of personal economic liberty. For pests and predators... our garden is no safe haven… only the fruits of community empowerment will be permitted to flourish in the soil of the Crypto Garden.

Our Mission
Growing humanity though crypto currency

Key Personality Traits

How we behave
We are an open community. We do not approach crypto, or the world with a dualistic outlook. It is not good or bad, black or white. It is the journey, the exploration and debate of ideas that generate growth.

We are a respectful community. The catalyst for healthy debate and exploration is a common humanity rooted in respect for every individual. We will not tolerate anything less.

We are an active community. We seek social impact and believe crypto holds the seeds to propagate global equality. We don’t seek change for ourselves alone, we leverage our collective energy to change the world.

We believe wealth stems from well being. We refuse to pursue financial gain at the cost of our personal health and relationships. We are accountable for our actions and seek to elevate ourselves, our relationships and communities.